Key Thought

  • For many workers and school leavers, any life aspirations for advancement in education or employment will be denied or frustrated if in the first place they are not equipped  with the fundamental and necessary tools (academic knowledge) to tackle the requirements  of these  desired advancements. This is where we at PIMS come in, giving a second but important chance to students in PNG for the last 24 years. We have a strong record over these years of sending our Matriculation and Grade 12 Upgrading graduates to most Universities and Colleges throughout PNG.


  • Formal Secondary Grades 9 – 12 (Fulltime Classroom Only)
  • Matriculation (Gr10 Leavers)
  • Grade 12 Upgrading (Gr12 Leavers)
  • Online Matriculation
  • Online Grade 12 Upgrading
  • Skills Training
  • Early Learning Kindy – Grade 2 (Click here )

PIMS Website Address

Do visit the PIMS website address for all online application forms and information.

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Course Programs

Matriculation (Grade 10 Leavers)

The full matriculation course (8 subjects) is for Grade 10 leavers wishing to get a Grade 12 eqivalent Adult Matriculation certificate (duration up to 2 years to complete all 8 subjects).

Grade 12 Upgrading (Grade 12 Leavers)

The Grade 12 upgrading course is for Grade 12 leavers who want to upgrade marks in certain subjects only (duration 6 – 12 months).

Correspondence (Online) Students

Correspondence (online) students can do all their studies online wherever they are in PNG. They can download study modules on their mobile or laptop, and upload completed assignments on the PIMS website. In turn, marked assignments will be returned to students via their email addresses.

Subjects Offered Course Outlines

 Basic English (Introductory Language Skills), Basic Math, English 1, English 2, Math 1, Math 2, Math 2A (Adv Math), Math 2B (Gen Math), Biology 1, Biology 2, Chemistry 1, Chemistry 2, Physics 1, Physics 2, Introduction to Economics, History, Geography

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Part 1 and 2 Subjects

Gr 10 Leavers MUST first start with Part 1 subjects, then move onto Part 2 subjects..

Gr 12 Leavers can choose to upgrade any subject in Part 1 or Part 2.

Part 1 Subjects For Gr 10 Leavers

Basic English (ILS), Basic Math, English 1, Math 1, Biology 1, Chemistry 1, Physics 1

A Gr 10 Leaver Social Science student would typically take the following 7 subjects, namely, English 1, Math 1, Economics, History, Geography, English 2, Math 2B. The student will have to do a further science subject (eg. Biology 1) to bring the total number of completed subjects to 8 to qualify for a Matriculation certificate (Gr 12 equivalen)

A Gr 10 Leaver Science student would take the following 4 subjects, namely, English 1, Math 1, English 2, Math 2A and four more science subject to bring total no. of completed subjects to 8.

Part 2 Subjects For Gr 12 Leavers

English 2, Math 2A (Adv Math), Math 2B (Gen Math), Biology 2, Chemistry 2, Physics 2, Economics, History, Geography

How To Apply Online

  1. Go to PIMS website
  2. Submit your online application.
  3. Get an Acceptance Letter
  4. Pay your Fees, instalment payments accepted
  5. Create your username on PIMS website
  6. Get your Password from PIMS Admin
  7. Login to download study materials
  8. Regularly upload completed assignments for marking on PIMS website

Online Fee Charges

Online Fees : K850.00 per subject. (You can pay per assignment instalment).

Fulltime Fees : K950.00 per subject.

If you want to pay fees more affordably per assignment, click the link below to see the payment rate per assignment in each subject.

Rates Per Assignment Link (click here) :

Immediate Module Downloads Online

At the minimum, paying for the first assignment only in a subject will get you immediate full study module, the assignment, and old exam papers downloads in that subject.

This fee instalment payment is done through paying for each assignment release. You can pay for one or several assignments at a time. After payment, you will then be given access to download the paid assignments from the PIMS website, using your username and password to login. The PURCHASE ASSIGNMENT dropdown menu on the PIMS website can be used to check assignment payment calculations as well as upload and submit copies of assignment payment receipts to PIMS Admin.

Discount Incentives

  1. Pay 3 subjects in full and get one free
  2. Pay 6 subjects in full and get two free

PIMS Bank Account Details

Account Name : Port Moresby Institute of Matriculation Studies (PIMS)

Bank : BSP

Branch : Boroko

Account No : 1000489931.